About Us
TherxServices, Inc., founded in 2004, was a culmination of my frustrations as a manager and a desire to see a higher level of contract care available. I expect the TherxServices Experience to create a work environment that is dynamic and exciting yet stable and rewarding. I expect it to feel like home to those that call TherxServices their employer. For those not interested in a career as a contract or travel caregiver, we provide first rate placement services. Having a full-time position in a good environment can be very appealing. Whatever your individual needs are, we can help!

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We value our caregivers so we think it is important to take care of them!
TherxServices is proud to provide the following employee benefits for its caregivers:
- Highest Salaries and Pay Rates Available
- Healthcare and Dental Insurance
- Paid WEEKLY by Direct Deposit
- General, Professional and Worker’s Compensation
- Paid Continued Education For Our Caregivers
- Vacation Time
- Completion Bonuses
- Paid Housing and Travel Stipends
- Much More!