As a physical therapist, information pills I understand the challenges of today’s allied health working environment. During my career I have worked from coast to coast experiencing staffing frustrations everywhere! Before I started TherxServices, buy I worked as a rehab manager for a large California public healthcare district. I had many responsibilities in this role but the most challenging was staffing. Minimum staffing levels are sweeping the nation and the need for highly skilled caregivers is at an all-time high. I have seen a decrease in the quality of caregivers available from registry, store contract and staffing companies. Many of these companies are flooded with requests for caregivers that they do not have, so they begin to lower their hiring standards to meet the need. The only people who suffer from this process are our patients.

TherxServices, Inc., founded in 2004, was a culmination of my frustrations as a manager and a desire to see a higher level of contract care available. The TherxServices Experience is expected to create a work environment that is dynamic and exciting yet stable and rewarding. It should feel like home to those that call TherxServices their employer. For those not interested in a career as a contract or travel caregiver we provide first rate placement services. Having a full-time position in a good environment can be very appealing. Whatever your individual needs are we can help!

We have witnessed have witnessed what a highly skilled and educated caregiver can do when presented with a challenge. As a team we can make a difference in the quality of care provided in today’s healthcare environment. If you think TherxServices is the right fit for you, and if you enjoy the challenge of working at different facilities with different types of patients and staff, contact us now! Let us tell you about the many other benefits and exciting opportunities that await those who join our team!